Idaho Dairy Hall of Fame Award History

2019 Idaho Dairy Hall of Fame

The Idaho Dairy Hall of Fame

2019 Blair Parker, St. Anthony

2018 Brent Jackson, Meridian

2017 John Schilder, Buhl

2016 Lynn Pack, Idaho Falls

2015 Adrian Boer, Twin Falls

2014 Alan Andersen, American Falls

2013 Lon Tueller, Geneva

2012 Art Lee, New Plymouth

2011 Tom Dorsey, Caldwell

2010 Ellis Roberts, Preston

2009 Mary Ellen Roth, Jerome

2008 Mike Quesnell, Twin Falls

2007 Gale Moser, Preston

2006 Susan Lee, Jerome

2005 Pete Lizaso, Emmett

2004 Dr. Bill Stouder, Wendell

2003 Janis Ritchie, Rexburg

2002 Jim Pearson, Buhl

2001 Don Papenberg, Boise

2000 Frank Johnson, Meridian

Alvin Smutny, Twin Falls

1999 Irvin Ehlers, Twin Falls

Riley Mickelson, Grace

1998 Lee Rehder, Cottonwood

Ruth Ann Jensen, Montpelier

1997 Glen Turner, Grace

1996 Dale E. Williams, Filer

Leonard “Pete” George, Homedale

1995 Rolly Lincoln, Wilder

1994 Don Johnson, Kuna

1993 Gerald W. Dirkson, Meridian

1992 Floyd Edwards,Nampa

Clayne Beck, Middleton

1991 Jack Davis, Kuna

1990 Jim Stewart, Nampa/Clark Michelson, Lago

1989 Wilmer Brown, Ovid

1988 Harold “Ray” Stueve, Bonners Ferry

1987 Jack Hilterbrand, Rupert

1986 Ruth Miller, Kuna

Robert Haworth, Franklin

1985 Wes Schuldies, St. Anthony

1984 Dale Pline, Nampa

1983 Lamont Smith, Rupert

1982 Rex Gerratt, Burley

1981 Art Park, Shelley

1980 William Royston, Payette

Dan Mickelson, Grace

1979 Alfred Stewart, Nampa/Darrell Kerby, Lenore

1978 Richard Ross, Moscow

1977 Richard R. Lee, Jerome/Ray West, Boise

1976 Robert Day, Kuna

1975 Kent Paynter, New Plymouth

1974 Floyd Toone, Grace/Don Pack, Idaho Falls

1973 George Cleveland, Boise

Harold Agee, Meridian

1972 William Stevens, Meridian

Harold Gilpin, Salmon

1971 Herbert Pline, Nampa

1970 Dale Hankins, Emmett

1969 Herman Hilfiker, Boise

Melvin Mickelson, Grace

1968 Harris Mickelson, Grace/Domingo

Onederra, Boise

1967 Henry Drury, Preston

W.J. Wagoner, Meridian

1966 Joe Pritzl, Fruitland/Robert Davis, Kuna

1965 Frank Houston, Jerome

1964 Herbert Hahn, Pingree

Everett Twining, Wilder

1963 Richard V. Keim, Nampa

1962 Albert H. Jagels, Buhl

Robert D. Williams, Boise

1961 Aloys Schuler, Nampa/Marian Golden, Boise

1960 W.L. Hendrix, Boise/ D.L. Fourt, Moscow

Thomas E. Maberly, Rupert

1959 H.G. Myers, Boise

Harold Steele, Gooding

1958 L.J. Tenckinck, Twin Falls/G.C Anderson,

Boise Charles J. Pritzl, New Plymouth

1957 Charles C. Hart, Filer

George Vaughn, New Plymouth

1956 W.W. Rodenbaugh, Middleton

W.W. Brown, Ovid


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