Replenish With Chocolate Milk

Research shows that drinking milk is an effective way to help the body refuel and recover after exercise. And chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout beverage because it contains the appropriate ratio of carbohydrate to protein to refuel, rebuild and recover. The Replenish with Chocolate Milk Program is designed to help promote this fact for the benefit of high school athletes across Utah

Who is eligible?

Athletic directors from any public, charter, or private high-school in Utah who advocate for chocolate milk as the recovery beverage for their student athletes. An athletic director may enroll more than one high school in the program; however, only one grant will be awarded to each school.

Why should I enroll?

Teen beverage choices are very important. Healthy refueling can help improve performance and endurance, as well as prevent dehydration, fatigue, and injury.

What are the requirements?

  • Complete the online enrollment information by September 15, 2020
  • Share nutrition education resources, provided by Dairy West, with your athletes and their parents.
  • Add our Sports Nutrition web banner, provided by Dairy West, to your athletic web page.
  • Recognize that chocolate milk is provided to athletes by Utah’s dairy farm families via sporting event announcements.
  • Provide Dairy West photos and success stories, as requested.

How will chocolate milk be awarded?

The program is open to all Utah high schools. Recipients of “Replenish with Chocolate Milk” will be provided chocolate milk in quantities dependent upon their school classification. Once program enrollment is submitted, and season preference is selected, Dairy West will work with each school to schedule product for delivery.

Plus, we are excited to launch a new shelf-stable Unbottled chocolate milk for use in the Replenish Program. With added storage and transport flexibility, we are confident you will love it, too!

Unbottled Chocolate Milk FAQ's


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