Virtual Dairy Farm Tour Request

Through virtual technology a farmer “visits” the classroom, gives students a tour of his/her dairy, answers questions about dairy farming, and provides insight into what agriculture and food production is all about. We also provide additional STEM-based teaching material to use based on grade level. Submit the following information to request a virtual tour for your class.

Virtual Tour Request

Choose your field trip

The virtual tour can be set up for your students to join virtually in one classroom, or if you are already a virtual class students can join on their home computers. If a live tour will not work for your class we will have virtual recordings of a dairy farm tour available as well. Each of these options require a computer, internet, and computer speaker. If your class is joining from one location a microphone and projector is also needed. Expect the field trip to last about 45 minutes, but the time can be adjusted slightly as needed. 


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