2022 Friend of the Industry Don McMahon

"I take a lot of pride and pleasure in being able to teach people about dairy foods. And I think a big challenge, for university professors such as myself, is how to add in the things that make a person's career of value to other people."

If you attended Utah State University or have worked in the dairy industry in the last 30+ years...then you probably have met Don McMahon. For 34 years Don McMahon was a professor at USU focusing on dairy foods.

McMahon devoted much of his time to the Western Dairy Center and BUILD Dairy programs which served as very intricate network linking students and their research to industry partners.
This network ensured the growth and development of future professionals in the dairy industry creating a pathway to jumpstart their careers. This has led to industry-wide innovation now and into the future.

"The future is bright for dairy foods. Looking at the students we have, and their ability to connect with today's young people as far as products they develop. I think, it's going to be a good time for dairy foods. That dairy foods will continue to have a place, not only because of its nutrition, but also the consumer interest in them."



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