Clark Family Dairy - Adopt A Cow

We’re proud to be partnering with Discovery Dairy to help bring the Farm to School experience to more than 40,000 elementary and middle school classrooms, homeschool families, library groups and other educational organizations across the country by joining in their Adopt-A-Cow program.

This year Ethan and Chloee Clark, of Clark Family Dairy, will be representing our region. Thanks to their participation we’ll be able to connect the students of Idaho and Utah back to agriculture with a local dairy farm family.

Research has shown that when students learn about where their food comes from it can improve health behaviors, school meals participation, and academic achievement.

The Adopt-A-Cow program is free to all Idaho and Utah educators. It’s a year-long fun, educational experience your students won’t forget. Your students will learn all about the Clark’s dairy, as Ethan and Chloee, walks them through the entire farm to school process with picture updates, activities, live chats, and interactive lessons that follow Common Core objectives.



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