Curds + Kindness program feeds hungry with surplus dairy products

What is Curds + Kindness?

Curds + Kindness is a concept that Dairy West has proposed to help feed local communities and support dairy farmers. Put very simply, our aim is to save milk from being discarded and feed a growing number of hungry people.

How does the program work?

We have worked closely with our local dairy processing community to identified plants in the region who have capacity to take on additional milk or cream and package it for personal consumption (1-5lb increments of dairy products). Dairy West will be purchasing this product and working directly with Idaho and Utah Food Banks to distribute the product through their existing network of feeding sites.

Program Distribution

  • Utah, Idaho & Las Vegas food banks existing distribution channels
  • Select Local School district feeding sites

Curds + Kindness on the Road in June (Food Truck)

  • In June, we will be wrapping a traditional-style food truck with Curds+ Kindness branding to deliver grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese curd and recipes to front line workers across the Utah, Idaho region. The truck will be making deliveries for 4 weeks in June as a celebration of the goodness of dairy during National Dairy Month and as a tribute to those who have kept our communities running through the pandemic.

Who is involved?

The list continues to grow! Currently local processing plants (dairy food manufacturers), retail chains, and allied industry partners are involved in this initiative.

Processors / Co-ops:

  • Beehive Cheese – Curd
  • Chobani - Yougrt
  • Danone – yogurt (donating product for distribution)
  • DFA - The Creamery – Curd
  • Gossner Foods – Swiss Cheese
  • Heber Valley Cheese – Curd (donating product for distribution)
  • High Desert Milk – Butter
  • Idaho Milk Products
  • Innovative Food Solutions
  • Lactalis American Group
  • Glanbia
  • Ballard Cheese

Allied Industry:

  • Valley Wide Country Stores
  • Idaho Farm Bureau
  • Wow-We Care Charity
  • Cargill Animal Nutrition
  • Think Shift
  • Chef Brenda Wattles
  • Harper’s Homemade Bread
  • Dairy Management Incorporated
  • Career Uniforms
  • HiTech Color
  • Walmart
  • Itafos
  • Integra DeLamar
  • Midas Gold
  • TOK Commercial

Logistics Partners:

  • On The Go Marketing

How can I get involved?

Contact us? Here's who to reach out to:

Processor or Marketing - Kristi Spence

Food Bank / Retailer - Jenn Nelson

Allied Industry - Karianne Fallow

Where can I find the product?

  • Utah, Idaho & Las Vegas food banks existing distribution channels
  • Select Local School district feeding sites

Program Stats:

As of June 26th – 995,780 lbs of dairy products have been donated

  • 448,010 lbs Swiss Cheese
  • 8,000 lbs Cheese (other)
  • 145,782 lbs Cheese Curd
  • 129,600 lbs Butter
  • 46,080 lbs Mozzarella Cheese
  • 218,308 lbs Yogurt (94,288 – Dannon | 124,020 Chobani)

Food Truck Donations

  • 10,125 Sandwiches
  • 20,650 bags of cheese curd


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