Dairy West Curds + Kindness Food Truck is back for a holiday tour

This holiday season Dairy West’s Curds + Kindness Food Truck is back in action, making stops across Utah and Idaho. The tour, which began Dec. 1 in Utah, lauds the efforts of frontline healthcare workers and provides nutrient-rich foods for families in crisis and food-insecure youths.

This spring and summer the Dairy West Curds + Kindness Food Truck delivered 10,000 grilled-cheese sandwiches and bags of cheese curds to essential frontline workers who have kept Idaho and Utah communities going during the pandemic.

The broader Curds + Kindness initiative, which Dairy West launched in April to match surplus milk with processing capacity to create products for food-insecure populations, donated nearly 1 million pounds of butter, yogurt, and cheese through food banks and school districts across Idaho and Utah this spring and summer.

“Our healthcare system, shelters, and food banks are being taxed more than ever,” Jenny Nelson, Dairy West SVP of innovation partnerships, said. “Idaho and Utah dairy farm families want to extend their gratitude to essential frontline workers and help keep our neighbors in need nourished.”

The Curds and Kindness Holiday tour distributed:

  • 5,700 caprese grilled-cheese sandwiches featuring local mozzarella, pesto, and tomatoes to frontline workers at 10 healthcare centers in Idaho and Utah.
  • Nearly 4,000 dairy totes that include macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate, one quart of shelf-stable milk, and a coupon for free butter for Idaho and Utah youths.
  • 370 pizzas and 1,770 pounds of cheese for 19 shelters in Idaho and Utah.


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