Dairy West hosts Pediatric Nutrition Event

At Dairy West, we love how conversation over a meal can spark intriguing discussions and make lasting connections. As catalysts of positive change – we value the opportunity to create memorable experiences that provide credible information for our guests to use in their lives. Together we can be the difference.

All of us know someone who is a picky eater. It might even be you. This can present many challenges, especially ensuring that your body gets the proper nutrition it needs from a variety of foods for you to be your best self. Picky eating can be particularly concerning for children who are still developing, growing, and forming habits that may last a lifetime.

In our most recent event for Health Professionals, we brought together 15 Utah pediatric care specialists for an evening of cooking and learning at the Harmons Cooking School. Heather Lieber, a Harmons Dietitian, and Bonnie Feola, a Pediatrician, Chef, and owner of Nibbles & Sprouts, led a discussion on tips and tricks for helping picky eaters enjoy nutritious foods.

Participants prepped and cooked a meal together. Highlighting different ways to increase acceptance of healthy foods amongst the pickiest patients and or family members. Over dinner, guests were encouraged to share their own experiences with picky eaters and collaborate on potential solutions.

One guest said, “I loved the material that was discussed. It is very relevant. And hands on learning with food is the best!” Another stated, “The evening was well organized, interactive and collaborative, informative, and allowed for great networking.”

We’re grateful to have a local community of Health Professionals committed to learning from and with each other. We truly are better together!



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