Dairy West Partners with Discover Dairy

We’ve joined the MOO-vement! Dairy West is partnering with Discover Dairy to bring “Adopt a Cow” programing to K-12 schools in Idaho and Utah. The program will not only enhance our Farm to School opportunities but will further our reach in both states. Oralie Smith with Smith’s Cream Pitcher Jerseys will represent our region.

“We’re proud to partner with Discover Dairy to bring important STEM based educational opportunities around dairy farming to the students in Idaho and Utah,” said Rashel Clark, Farm to School lead at Dairy West. “Not only does the Adopt a Cow program connect children of all backgrounds to agriculture, farming, and animals, but it feeds into their natural curiosity of learning.”

Discover Dairy’s “Adopt a Cow” program offers an exciting opportunity for students to experience the Farm to School story with interactive lessons that provide students with an inside look at a dairy farm right in our region.

The heart of the Adopt a Cow program lies in the unique pairing of each classroom with a calf from a dairy farm. Throughout the school year, teachers and students receive an array of updates, including photos, videos, and activity sheets, enabling them to closely monitor the growth and development of their chosen calf.

Last year, the program witnessed an impressive participation rate, with over 40,000 elementary and middle school classrooms, homeschool families, library groups, and various other organizations taking part across the country.



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