Dairy West partners with Idaho, Utah food trucks

Dairy West is partnering with Idaho and Utah food trucks for the rest of June to support local food truck businesses and highlight national dairy month by promoting dairy as a popular ingredient in a variety of meals.

The “Legend Dairy – Celebrating Dairy, Food Truck Style” initiative from June 17-30 encourages Idahoans and Utahns to find their own unique path to becoming healthier and happier.

“With all of us emerging from the pandemic and excited to share meals and support local business, this is an ideal time to highlight local food trucks serving delicious dairy-filled dishes during National Dairy Month,” Kristi Spence, Dairy West’s senior vice president of strategic communications, said. “Throughout the two-week period, Idahoans and Utahns can track the food trucks to get the latest and freshest offerings at each stop.”

Each food truck’s movement will be captured by a live, interactive map on the Unbottled website, LegendDairyMonth.com, where followers can see trucks’ current location, next location and food offerings.

“Dairy West will provide each truck with free, locally produced dairy products, which will ensure the freshest dairy foods for consumers,” Spence said. “Locally grown foods have become increasingly popular across the country in recent years. Gallup found that 73 percent of Americans try to include locally sourced foods in their diets.”

U.S. Department of Agriculture data revealed locally grown food sales increased sharply from $5 billion in 2008 to a projected $20 billion in 2019.



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