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All Ages

Virtual Dairy Farm Field Trip

This classroom-based program enables students to learn more about where their food comes from, through an interactive presentation and virtual visit from a local dairy farmer. Using Zoom video, a farmer “visits” the classroom to engage with students – to take them on a tour, answer questions about dairy farming, and give them a better sense of what agriculture and food production are all about.

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We can focus your tour to talk about certain subjects. If you have a request on a focus then add it to your submission.


Utah and Idaho teachers can order a free cheesemaking demonstration kit for your class. You can connect this activity to classroom instruction with the lessons suggested for your students, with a dairy farm field trip, or any number of other ways.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

STEM-based Agriculture Curriculum

Learning can be fun—especially when it involves cows and dairy. Find resources here designed to engage and enrich young minds.

3rd - 5th grade

STEM-based Agriculture Curriculum
Access a wealth of information tailored to this age group—all of it designed to help students learn about dairy, the environment, and agriculture as a whole.

Online Learning Lessons
Energy from Farm to you (3rd - 5th grade)

6th - 8th grade

STEM-based Agriculture Curriculum
Find resources designed specifically for 6th to 8th graders—including information on careers in dairy, and much more.

Online Learning Lessons
Careers From Calf to Cup (6th - 8th grade)

9th - 12th grade

STEM-based Agriculture Curriculum
Your source for information created to enlighten students on the role of agriculture in their lives, and help them make informed decisions both about the foods they eat, and the careers they choose.

Online Learning Lessons
Stacking up milk and milk substitutes (9th - 12th grade)

Decoding Dairy: Understanding the Milk Label (9th - 12th grade)

Farm to School Resources

From kindergarten to grade 12, we’re excited to provide students and teachers with a wide variety of educational resources to learn about food production, with a specific focus on dairy.

If you are in need of physical materials, please request them through this form.

Featured Resources

Pasteurization 101

No matter what kind of milk you buy at the grocery store, you’re sure to find the word “pasteurized” printed somewhere on the label. And that’s a good thing, because pasteurization is vital for keeping your milk safe and fresh.

Making Sustainable Attainable

Find out how dairy farmers care for their cows and the environment while producing a delicious and nutritious food for the community.

Dairy West Virtual Farm Tours (Since 2018)

  • 5988 Students
  • 117 Tours
  • 86 Schools
“The kids don’t see dairy farms so to see an actual farmer along with the farm is something that the kids enjoyed watching and it is better to hear from the actual source of knowledge.”
- 3rd Grade Teacher
"We were able to speak with a dairy farmer who answered all their questions, even the silly ones like do you name your cows. The students were able to be full participants in this virtual tour and it helped them get the concepts we were learning.”
- High School Nutrition Teacher
“Such a great experience for the kids! It was like a field trip but we were able to stay at our school!”
- 2nd Grade Teacher
“Students were engaged and excited while talking with the farmer and learning about what they do.”
- 6th Grade Teacher


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