Sustainable Dairy Farming | COP28

Dairy West is excited to announce the participation of Idaho dairy farming in COP28, a significant milestone in the global discourse on climate change and sustainability. In partnership with Zinc Media Group, the World Farmers' Organisation (WFO) and Dairy West, an Idaho farm family is featured in the compelling new documentary series "The Future of Food," which debuted at the 28th annual Conference of Parties (COP 28) hosted by the United Nations.

The series, which highlights the critical role of farmers in mitigating climate change, features a special video produced by Dairy West and Zinc Media Group. The video showcases the story of Lael Schoessler’s family, a testament to the efficient and sustainable dairy nutrition practices in Idaho. The video was shown at the World Farmers' Organization stand from December 8th to 12th.

Marissa Watson, Dairy West's VP of Sustainability, highlighted the significance of this feature: “Our participation in 'The Future of Food' series is a proud moment for Dairy West and our regional farmers. By showcasing Lael Schoessler’s family and their commitment to sustainable dairy production, we demonstrate to the world our capability to supply nutritious, sustainably sourced dairy products. This is a crucial step in informing global stakeholders about the innovative practices and resilience of our dairy farmers amidst global challenges.”

"The Future of Food" delves into the heart of global crises like climate change, food production, and economic challenges. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable and nature-positive agricultural practices in addressing these issues. The series is an opportunity for the world to understand the challenges faced by farmers and the innovative solutions they offer.

Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Executive Producer of the series, expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

“This project showcases the resilience and innovation of farmers worldwide. We believe this series will inspire audiences to appreciate agriculture’s role in our sustainable future.”

The World Farmers' Organisation President, Arnold Puech d’Alissac, emphasized the collective effort needed for success: “'The Future of Food' highlights the importance of collaboration between farmers and stakeholders to advance sustainable agriculture solutions.”

The documentary series will be streamed free of charge through the WFO’s website following its debut at COP28. Representing over 1.2 billion farmers, the WFO aims to inspire positive change and encourage a deeper understanding of the agricultural sector.



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