US Speedskating Experiences Farm to Table

We’re proud partners of U.S. Speedskating. Fueling Olympic athletes requires the best ingredients. Dairy foods provide critical performance benefiting nutrients. And gives them the edge they need to conquer any challenge on and off the ice.

Last week 20 members of U.S. Speedskating, including 2 Olympic bronze medalists, joined us on a Farm to Table field trip. We started at Gossner Foods in Logan, UT where we got a behind-the-scenes look at their shelf-stable milk processing facility. (Yes, we did get ice cream and cheese curds!)

This was followed by a visit to Noo Sun Dairy where we got to see all the love and care that goes into every glass of milk. Utah dairy farmer Mitch Hancock opened up his farm to us, showing us everything that goes into their feed, the milking process, and even allowed us to feed the baby calves!

It was a fun packed day. And we could not be happier providing people the opportunity to connect to where their food comes from.



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