Booth in a Box

Do you have an event coming up and want some visuals to help educate your audience? We have some displays that are ready to go for you! There are just a few steps for you to follow to submit your request.

  1. Decide which option works best for you and your audience.
    1. Dairy From Farm to Fridge
    2. Smoothie Bike
    3. Fun Run
    4. The What, Where and How of Cow Care
    5. Dairy Nutrition
  2. Fill out the form to give us the information about your event and needs. This must be filled out at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
  3. We will contact you back regarding if the booth you requested is available and make any final arrangements for picking up or shipping the items.
  4. Easily set up your booth and enjoy the event.
  5. After the event you will need to either ship the items back (we will provide the postage) or drop it off at the office.

If you have any questions please contact Rashel.

Request a Booth in a Box