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From Farm to Fridge

How milk and other dairy products make their way into your home

Dairy Tour Toolkit

This guide is designed to help you prepare for and make the most out of your tours — whether you’re giving them in-person or virtually.

Virtual Dairy Farm Tours Brochure

Learn about the benefits of a virtual farm tour for your classroom, and all the necessary information you need to execute.

Lactose Lab: Some Don't like it sweet

Learn with National Agriculture in the Classroom.

Milk: What's the Scoop on Chemical and Physical Changes

Milk: What's the Scoop on Chemical and Physical Changes

Food Master Middle: Cheese

Explore the Law of the Conservation of Mass as you learn to make cheese.

Careers from Calf to Cup

Learn some of the ways you could be involved in the roughly 3 million jobs that generate $625 billion dollars to the American economy within the dairy community.

My Farm Web: Explore the Role of Agriculture in Daily Life

Explore the role of agriculture in students' daily life


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