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New Market Development Grant

Dairy West’s New Market Development Grant helps food processors explore new market opportunities for dairy products. The grant offers financial or in-kind assistance to help foster increased sales and demand for dairy products. To apply, complete and submit this form.

Retail Support
Global Exports
Not all project types are listed, please complete the form with your proposal ideas and we will be in touch for further discussion.
  • Marketing assistance (e.g., graphic design for labeling, packaging, digital and physical assets, video production)
  • Messaging (e.g., sustainability, health & wellness, sports nutrition)
  • Food show expenses (e.g., designing marketing materials, sales sheets)
  • Retail collaboration (e.g., digital marketing and advertising, in-store promotion and marketing, promotional partnerships)
  • Global exports

  • Market insights
  • Market and product testing
  • Consumer research
  • Research (through BUILD Dairy program)
  • Connecting processors with new market opportunities (e.g., co-packing, new product innovation)
  • Crisis and issues training and management
  • Food safety training and certification support
Market Analysis
Crisis & Issues Support


  • Eligible applicants must use milk from Idaho or Utah.
  • Special consideration will be given to projects that show a high level of innovation and initiative.
  • Special consideration will be given to applications that include a funding match.
  • Approved applicants may receive no more than one grant each fiscal year.

Grant awards may come in the form of funding and/or partner support. To apply, complete and submit the form located here.



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