Dairy West Board Members

The Dairy West Board of Directors is made up of dairy industry leaders from Idaho and Utah. Each is committed to the advancement of the dairy industry, and Dairy West’s vision of catalyzing positive change across the dairy community. The Dairy West Board works collaboratively with each of the state’s commission and trade association boards for strong alignment and consistency.

Dairy West Board Members

  • Chace Fullmer, Chairman

    Chace Fullmer, Chairman

    Sigurd, Utah

  • John Brubaker, Vice Chairman

    John Brubaker, Vice Chairman

    Buhl, Idaho

  • Matt Leak, Secretary

    Matt Leak, Secretary

    Cornish, Utah

  • Josh Webb, Treasurer

    Josh Webb, Treasurer

    Delco, Idaho

  • Winfield Anderson

    Winfield Anderson

    Blackfoot, Idaho

  • Debra Easterday Reeves

    Debra Easterday Reeves

    Buhl, Idaho

  • Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy

    Brigham City, Utah

  • Tom Kasper

    Tom Kasper

    Melba, Idaho

  • Kim Korn

    Kim Korn

    Terreton, Idaho

  • Siska Reece

    Siska Reece

    Melba, Idaho

  • Mike Siegersma

    Mike Siegersma

    Nampa, Idaho

  • Pete Wiersma

    Pete Wiersma

    Buhl, Idaho



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