Dairy West Employees

We take pride in our unique culture, and we value our team members above all. Just as our employees are passionate about growing the dairy industry, we at Dairy West are committed to helping you grow your career.

We are a strengths-based organization, focused on inspiring employees to contribute by working primarily in roles that play to their talents. We cultivate an atmosphere that relies less on hierarchy of function and more on teams that are flexible and goal-driven. We leverage the strengths of the individual for maximum impact to the group as a whole.

Dairy West Staff Members

  • Karianne Fallow

    Karianne Fallow


  • Kristi Spence

    Kristi Spence

    Sr. VP – Strategic Communications

  • Jason Kajkowski

    Jason Kajkowski

    VP – Finance

  • Heidi Martin

    Heidi Martin

    VP – Health and Wellness

  • Eric Bastian

    Eric Bastian

    VP – Innovation Partnerships

  • Crystal Wilson

    Crystal Wilson

    VP – Employee Development and Engagement

  • Jaclyn St. John

    Jaclyn St. John

    Health and Wellness Manager

  • Pam Fry

    Pam Fry

    Director of Finance

  • Shawna Hagerty

    Shawna Hagerty

    Director of Operations

  • Melinda Wolfe

    Melinda Wolfe

    Training and Development Manager

  • Calla Chapin

    Calla Chapin

    Health and Wellness Coordinator

  • Crystal Quallio

    Crystal Quallio

    Business Coordinator

  • Rashel Clark

    Rashel Clark

    Health and Wellness Manager

  • Heather Hodges

    Heather Hodges

    Finance Coordinator

  • Andrea Tinnesand

    Andrea Tinnesand

    Business Coordinator

  • Deena Benson

    Deena Benson

    Health and Wellness Manager

  • Chris Bronson

    Chris Bronson

    Integrated Communications Manager

  • Ann Lokuta

    Ann Lokuta

    Health and Wellness Manager

  • Lacey Papageorge

    Lacey Papageorge

    Producer and Community Relations Manager

  • Marissa Watson

    Marissa Watson

    VP - Sustainability

  • Josh Loftin

    Josh Loftin

    VP - Integrated Communications


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