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Handling Trespassers & Activists

If You Encounter Suspicious Individuals on Your Property

  • DO report to local law enforcement immediately.
  • DO learn who they are and what their concerns are in a respectful manner.
  • DO NOT be combative. Remember, they are videotaping you.
  • DO NOT have a large group approach these individuals, as this may escalate the situation and bring more attention to their cause. Also avoid gathering a large group of observers, even from a distance.
  • DO notify them that they are on private property and ask them to leave. DO NOT use force.
  • DO write down their vehicle’s license plate number.
  • DO film the activists and their drones – you are legally allowed to do so. Be aware that they will always have cameras/recorders present – even hidden.
  • DO let local law enforcement handle the situation if activists refuse to leave.
  • DO contact your dairy cooperative, state/regional trade association to alert them of the situation.

Keys for Dealing with Activists

  • Don’t Be Used
    • Animal rights activists have a strategy to reach their goals. They want to gain attention for their cause, gain supporters and receive funding through donations from the supporters to whom they appeal.
    • What are their methods to reaching their goals? They appeal to the emotions of their followers, create controversy, document and record it for promotion and publication through media.
  • Don’t Be Used In Their Methods
    • They need you to lose your cool, get emotional, angry, speak out and act out. The larger the crowd, the bigger the spectacle. That is free publicity. The more comments and shares on Social Media the more attention they receive. They do not care about reason.

Social Media Tips

  • Don’t Give Them Free Publicity
    • We ask that you don’t give free publicity to these activists on your social media channels by refraining from any social media interaction with them. They may produce a video to appeal to their supporters. Many times the social media conversation is limited to the activist community, but when you comment you bring the conversation to your social audience and expand the activists reach – helping them with their goal. Don’t allow them to shake up your emotions and be pulled into their propaganda. You will be angry and they will be satisfied!


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